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Qui ? Quoi ? Who are we ? What do we do ?


√ We are a small school specialised in high quality, private French lessons for individuals or companies, adults and children. 

 We are experienced native and friendly French speakers.

 We come to you, our lessons are held in the comfort of your home or office. You choose the venue.

 Easy and flexible - pay as you go. Start and stop when you want.

 We have been teaching French to many kiwis of all age and background since 2010, in Auckland and Wellington. 

 We make our lessons interactive, personal. We love sharing our culture and make your time pleasant and rich.

                          French for children - le français pour les enfants


Casual French for children

We come to your place and your children can learn French through fun activities. It can be either one on one sessions or small groups, either during school holiday or terms.


Homeschooled children

We offer quality support for teaching French at home to suit each family (for children and teenagers). Every child is different and we will work with you to put in place a tailored program that works.

To make the sessions more affordable, we offer families the opportunity to combine sessions with other homeschooled children, which is equally a great moment to socialize and have fun.


French for teenagers - les adolescents


French lessons for school: Let’s work together on your assignments, homework or your school presentations. Are you studying to pass a French exam or obtain a French certification? We can assist you to master the tricks of the language and review with you every step leading to good results.



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